Do you have a Brand Plan?

In December of 2020, we launched our first lifestyle product: a business planner for creatives called the Brand Plan. The Brand Plan is a result of years of trying to find the perfect journal to help me stay productive, inspired, focussed & accountable. 

Let's get physical.

When I started my first business, Creative Pencil Studio, I wrote my business plan, marketing strategy, content ideas and notes across multiple note books and loose A4 pieces of paper. Because these would get misplaced constantly,  I decided to go digital. I started a Google doc and dumped all my ideas online, but realized that I had to rely on Wifi every time I wanted to continue working on my business. I then decided to move everything from Google docs to my computer hard drive. 

Big Mistake. 

Shortly after I transferred all my files - my computer crashed! All the research, design concepts & groundwork I had done for my business was gone. While shopping for a new planner I thought "I wished I had ONE place to track business & personal life - something that didn't rely on Wifi or getting on my computer." 


What is a Brand Plan? 

After many iterations, prototyping & editing sessions, the Brand Plan was born. I wanted it to be more than just your everyday planner. The Brand Plan is your business handbook, something you can refer to anytime you need direction, to recalibrate, stay organized and a reminder of why you started. It's business, content & lifestyle planner specifically designed with creatives. Keep your ideas, business plan, content strategy & calendar in one place so you can work on your business from anywhere (without needing Wifi!). 

Whether you are a small business owner, blogger, artist, or starting a new project, the Brand Plan will help you get closer to achieving goals. The planner is divided into 3 sections: BRAND, PLAN and TEMPLATES. 


Your brand is the soul of your business. This section allows you to record the foundations of your business & will help you steer your sales & marketing strategy according to you mission, vision & values. Use this section to:

  • Understand your “why”,
  • Create a Business Plan,
  • Identify your Target Market,
  • Undertake a S.W.O.T analysis of your business
  • Develop your Brand Story,
  • Define your Elevator Pitch and much more.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. This  section specifically helps you take action & create S.M.A.R.T goals. With a Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily calendar, you will never miss an opportunity that could change your life! It includes: 


  • S.M.A.R.T goal tracker,
  • At-a-glance spread to mark key dates, holidays & events.


  • 12 fillable sections for planning your month, week & day,
  • At-a-glance un-dated monthly grid overview,
  • Monthly goals cover page,
  • Monthly Review of metrics, highlights, challenges, revenue & profit.
  • Room for Monthly Journaling.


  • 1-page, 7 day at-a-glance schedule,
  • Room or weekly journaling.


  • Daily 3 checklist
  • Room for note taking and reminders.


And last but certainly not least…Templates!! I've talked to a bunch of creatives and asked them what they use to stay sane & on track! Here you'll find some of my favorite cheat sheets to help you stay organized & productive including Storyboards, Checklists, Vision Boarding space, Meal Planning and more!

What's next for glōu?

glōu launched as a sustainable capsule clothing line at the start of a global pandemic. In 2021 we are asking the question: what does it really mean to live like an artist? What do you need to glōu, inside and out?

 I am so ridiculously happy to finally see the Brand Plan come to life and kick off the lifestyle arm of the brand. 

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