The Brand Plan is a planner designed for creative entrepreneurs: a resource that’ll keep your ideas, business plan, content & strategy & calendar in one place.

Work on your business anywhere without needing a computer or WIFI. The Brand Plan is your new Biz Bestie that will keep your why” close by. 

We know that your business & personal life are intertwined, we’ve designed this planner to help you stay organized, focused & accountable. The Brand Plan is split into three sections:



This section is designed for you to record your Business Plan: the roadmap that lays the foundations of your business  & branding. It includes fillable sections for to 

-       Identify & set your business & personal S.M.A.R.T goals 

-       Analyze your Target Market, your S.W.O.T

-       Assess your Competitive Advantage, 

-       Devise a Brand Strategy & personality for your business



If you like it, then put a date on it! This section allows you to execute your business plan by using the Yearly, Monthly & Daily calendar to record key events & dates. 

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to set new goals & review them at the end of the month. 

-       Yearly Calendar for recording key days, holidays & events

-       Fillable 13-Month planner that is NOT dated (you don’t have to wait for the next calendar year to start using your planner – start now!)

-       Bird’s Eye View Grid Calendar

-       Monthly goals tracker 

-       Weekly planner

-       Monthly Review

-       Room for weekly & monthly journaling


We’ve curated our favorite templates used by creative entrepreneurs across industries – from animators, photographers to fashion designers & florists! We’ve chosen templates to keep you inspired, focused & organized including:

-       Storyboards

-       Checklists 

-       Blank Vision & Moodboarding space 

-       Meal Planning & Shopping Templates 

-       AND MORE!