Power Lunch - Add Ons


You've already got a Brand Plan! Wohoo High Five!

Get the rest of your Boss Box with the following female founded goodies to help you stay productive, hydrated, balanced & chic. 

Power Lunch is inspired by hustlers who channel their midday bursts of inspiration driven by pure passion & drive. Bright, beautiful, full of energy, this box is an ode to the busy female entrepreneurs who can get s**t done over lunch!  Whether you work from your favorite cafe or working from your home office, this box brings out your inner POP! This box is curated with: 

  • 500ml Glass Water bottle by Bkr: a dishwasher safe, leak-proof, reusable & easy to carry & set down glass water bottle which a chic grippy silicone sleeve. "Lulu" [ Opaque Soft Milky Rose ] is inspired by  the nostalgia for a time when life felt normal, rituals anchored in togetherness, murmurs in soothing tones in a theater.
  • Turban Headband by I'm With The Band: the perfect work-from-home accessory; a one-size fits all bohemian turban-headband inspired by music, culture, fashion and attitude of the 60s and 70s. Every piece from I'm With The Band is inspire by a music legend. "Velvet Sienna" is an ode to the nights out on the town with a crown of confidence. Elevate any outfit with this baby girl. 
  • Amber & Moss by PF Candle Co: fill your workspace with the fragrance inspired by a weekend in the mountains, sun gleaming through the canopy. This sage, moss, and lavender candle is made by our favorite LA couple = Kristen Murphy & Thomas Neuberger (behind every successful women is a supporting partner, and we are so happy to break our "female founder only" rule for this dynamite duo!) #feminismmeanequality  

All products are made by local Los Angeles Based brands!

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